FISP is the highest non-governmental world organization for philosophy. Its main objectives are: to contribute to the development of professional relations between philosophers of all countries, freely and with mutual respect; to foster contacts between institutions, societies and periodical publications dedicated to philosophy; to collect documentation useful for the development of philosophical studies; to sponsor every five years a World Congress of Philosophy; to promote philosophical education, to prepare publications of global interest and to contribute to the impact of philosophical knowledge on global problems. FISP members are philosophical societies and similar philosophical institutions at national, regional and international levels. FISP is a member of the International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences, the non-governmental organization that constitutes the link between international humanities federations and UNESCO. Established in 1948, the Federation recently celebrated its 70th anniversary.


Just launched:

The Philosophical Laboratory about the Pandemic and the Anthropocene

El Laboratorio Filosófico sobre la Pandemia y el Antropoceno


25th World Congress

of Philosophy

July 2023

The 25th World Congress of Philosophy 

will be hosted in Melbourne by

the Australasian Association

of Philosophy.

World Philosophy Day

is celebrated each year on the

third Thursday of November.

 It was introduced by UNESCO

to renew public commitment

to philosophy, support philosophy teaching, and raise public

awareness of philosophical work. 

FISP shares these goals.

Published proceedings of all

previous World Congresses


Over two hundred volumes,

from the 1st International Congress

of Philosophy in Paris (1900) 

to the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy in Athens (2013),

now available online.