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Evandro Agazzi

President of the Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City (Mexico)

e-mail: evandro.agazzi[at];  eagazzi[at]

Evandro Agazzi is currently full professor in the Department of Bioethics of the Panamerican University of Mexico City, and Emeritus Professor of the Universities of Fribourg (Switzerland) and Genoa (Italy). He has been visiting professor at other universities in Europe and America. He is President of the International Academy of Philosophy of Science (Brussels), former President (and now Honorary President) of the International Federation of the Philosophical Societies, and of the International Institute of Philosophy (Paris). He has received several Honorary Doctoral degrees from European and American Universities. He has published in several languages, as author or editor, more than 80 books, and more than 1000 papers in books and journals, in the domains of logic, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of physics, general philosophy of science, metaphysics, ethics of science and technology, bioethics, education. He is the editor of the international journals Epistemologia and Bioethics Update. Website: 

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