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Ken-ichi Sasaki


Nihon University, College of Humanities and Sciences,

3-25-40 Sakura-josui, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

e-mail: ken_sasaki[at]

Ken-ichi Sasaki is Professeur Emeritus at the Université of Tokyo, ex-President of the International Association of Aesthetics and Japanese Society for Aesthetics. In addition to the general activities of FISP, he is personally interested in connecting the Japanese philosophy world to the international. His main field of research is the 18th Century aesthetics especially in France, and has published a voluminous work on the Study of the Treatise of Painting by Diderot (2013). Besides he has been working on « new aesthetics » for the past fifteen years, and edited a volume of Diogenes on this subject (Nos. 233-4). He has published many English and French papers.

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