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Marietta Stepaniants

Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, 14, Volkhonka Street, Moscow, 119992, Russian Federation

e-mail: marietta[at]

Prof. Marietta Stepaniants - the Director, the Center for Oriental Philosophies’ Studies (1980 – 2012) at the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of sciences, where she has been since 2012 Chief Research Fellow. She is the Founder and the Chairholder of the UNESCO Chair in “Philosophy in the Dialogue of Cultures”. Her writings have been published in about 30 countries. They include 15 monographs and about 30 books of which she is the editor. She has directed many international conferences including “East - West Philosophers’ Conferences” in Honolulu (1995, 2000). She was elected the 1st Vice-president of FISP (2008-2013). Main awards: Plekhanov’s Award of the Russian Academy of Sciences “For the outstanding achievements in the field of philosophy” (2006); “The Best Book of the Year” award of the National competition (2009); Silver Medal “For Contribution in the Development of Philosophy” (2010). 

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