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Mislav Kukoc

University of Split, Faculty of Philosophy,

Ivana pl. Zajca bb, HR-21000 Split, Croatia

tel. +385 (21) 541-929; fax +385 (21) 541-944

e-mail: mislav.kukoc1[at]

Mislav Kukoc is Professor of philosophy, head of the Doctoral Study in humanities and director of the Center for Integrative Bioethics at the University of Split, Croatia. He lectured at universities in Austria, Germany, USA and Japan. Visiting scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC. Author of: Fate of Alienation; Enigma of Post-communism; Critique of Eschatological Reason, co-author of Inter-disciplinary Dictionary: Education for Human Rights and Democracy; editor of Philosophy of Mediterranean; Philosophy and Globalization; and co-editor of Ukraine & Croatia: Problems of Post-Communist Societies. 

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