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Peter Jonkers
2018_TiU_482_Jonkers 2.jpg

Tilburg University, School of Catholic Theology, 

Nieuwegracht 61, 3512 LG Utrecht, The Netherlands

Tel: (+31) 13-4663844

e-mail: p.h.a.i.jonkers[at]

Peter Jonkers (Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 1954) is professor of philosophy at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. He studied philosophy in Leuven, Belgium (PhD in 1982 with a dissertation on Hegel’s Faith and Knowledge). He has published books and articles on Hegel and his contemporaries, contemporary continental philosophy, philosophy of religion, and metaphysics.

He has been member/chair of several evaluation-teams for research in the humanities, and for the accreditation of study-programs in theology. He is member of the Board of the European Society for Philosophy of Religion, and of the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy.

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