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Stella Villarmea

Complutense University of Madrid

e-mail: svillarm[at]

Areas of specialisation: Epistemology and Feminist Philosophy

Field of interest: Philosophy of Birth

Stella Villarmea is Professor of Philosophy at the Complutense University of Madrid. She is currently doing research on the Philosophy of Birth, i.e., on how our notions of childbirth reflect our view of the human being. She has worked in epistemology, philosophy of feminism, and metaphilosophy. She is interested in conceptual innovation, the moral and political justification of our beliefs, and the relationship between knowledge and emancipatory action.

As a Marie S. Curie Fellow at the University of Oxford, she has conducted the research project, “Controversies in Childbirth: from Epistemology to Practices (VOICE´s)”, funded by the European Commission. She developed a philosophical understanding of conflicts and consensus around birth. 

Recent publications on the Philosophy of Birth include: “A New Logos for Genos: Approaching a Philosophy of Birth” (ORE, 2021); “Reasoning from the uterus” (Hypatia, 2021); “When a Uterus Comes in the Door, Reason Goes Out the Window” (Oxford, Hart, 2020); “Unveiling Epistemic Stereotypes of Women in Labour” (JECP, 2020).

Stella Villarmea received the Special Distinction of Excellence for her 20 year-teaching career at the University of Alcalá. She has been Visiting Professor at the Universities of Humboldt, Lund, Paderborn, Kent, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Saint Louis.

She serves on the Steering and Gender Committees of the International Federation of Philosophical Associations (FISP). Former Speaker on the International Association of Women Philosophers (IAPh) and Board Member on Red Española de Filosofía [Spanish Network of Philosophy] (REF).

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