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SUH Yu-Suk
SUH Yu-Suk(07).jpg

Professor of Philosophy, College of Liberal Arts, Howon University

Gunsan, 54058, the Republic of Korea

e-mail: yssuh[at]

SUH Yu-Suk is Head of External Affairs Office in Korean Philosophical Association. He holds a Ph.D. from Seoul National University. He was Research-fellow at the University Fribourg (1989-1991), and DAAD visiting scholar at Bremen University (1999-2000). His major area of philosophical research is social & political philosophy. He wrote articles and books on Kant, Hegel, Marx, philosophy of history, anarchism, recognition, community and solidarity.

He was President of the Korean Association for Studies of Philosophical Thought (2008-2010), President of the Korea Progressive Academy Council (2008-2010), President of the Bumhan (Pan-Korea) Philosophical Association (2014-2015), Chairman of the Social & Political Philosophy Sub-Committee of the World Congress of Philosophy (Seoul, 2008).

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