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Tu Weiming


East Asian Languages & Civilizations Department, Harvard University, 2 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.

tel. (+01) 617-495-2797;  e-mail: tuweiming1958[at]

Tu Weiming is the Director of the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Peking University and Research Professor and Senior Fellow of Asia Center at Harvard University. He has taught Chinese intellectual history, philosophies of China, and Confucian humanism at Princeton University (1967-71), University of California at Berkeley (1971-81), and Harvard University (1981-2010). His work has been instrumental in developing discourses on dialogue among civilizations, Cultural China, reflection on the Enlightenment mentality of the modern West, and multiple modernities. He is currently studying the modern transformation of Confucian humanism in East Asia. His entire collected work is being published by Peking University Press. 

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